lovelylethargy (lovelylethargy) wrote,

january goals

I've decided that to ensure a bit of structure in my life for the beginning of this year [and because I've spent the past two days watching television and lurking about LJ and DW], I need some goals for the month.

→ complete at least seven scholarship applications [can't keep ignoring the fact that I need money for college]
→ run at least three days a week [track season will be upon us very, very soon - and I would like to at least be able to stay within a lap of everyone else] - exercise log
→ write 5000 words of original fic [it doesn't sound like a lot, but I want to be reasonable - I'm a busy lady after all]
→ complete a half draft of my senior project [the sooner it's finished, the better - reevaluate outline]
→ complete at least two knitting projects [i'm nearly done with one, so there's that]
→ finish the diviners by libba bray [reading for pleasure needs to become more of a priority]

I don't want to go back to school tomorrow, but I'm trying really hard to get myself motivated. It's going to be busy the next few days with school and cheer and work and homework, but I need to start working on the above mentioned. I need to get my shit together.
Tags: - get my shit together, - goals, - personal
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