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sexism, misogyny, and me

"'I am her friend,' is vastly different than 'I have been friendzoned.' One is a statement of friendship, and the other is a statement of sexual rejection couched in a term that implies the woman doesn't know what is best for her." © feministzilla, via aimmyarrowshigh

Personally, I have never had to deal with the term 'friendzone,' as I've never had any relationships where the concept was believed to apply by anyone involved or otherwise.  However, this is one of those terms that I find increasingly problematic... I've only been seriously aware of misogyny for about a year or two now, but it's one of those terms that gets me extremely fired up. 
I am currently working on my senior project - it's not very well developed at this point, but I'm going to focus mainly on young women in America.  I'm not sure of the details yet, but I'm really excited to see how it turns out.  I would very much like to have more discussion surrounding sexism, misogyny, feminism, et cetera, but I have yet to get to it.  I'm so busy; I'll need to schedule out time to get to it.

I mentioned above that I've only been aware of sexism and misogyny for about a year or two now.  And as I continue researching for my project, and noticing things in my everyday life, I realize how much I owe to V [aimmyarrowshigh].  I wasn't completely oblivious to the inequality between men and women before I found her blog, but I hadn't put much thought into it either.

V, I love your blog, and that I follow your blog, and that you post quotes like the one above on your blog.  You have made me such a better individual just by sharing your thoughts and others' thoughts and I cannot thank you enough.  You are a wonderful individual and I feel privileged to know you, even in my limited capacity

This entry did not start out as a profession of my love and gratitude for V. It just kind of went there on its own.
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